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In 2011, the community of Whitecourt and District identified that high risk behaviors such as drug and alcohol use, drug dealing, vandalism, shop lifting, bullying, family violence and homelessness that youth sometimes struggle with in secrecy was an extensive problem within the community. As a result, the Teen Centre was built on the idea of providing a positive space where youth ages 11-17 would have a safe warm engaging place to hang out, learn new skills, be with their friends and keep off the streets.

The Theory of Change states, if youth are provided a positive influencing space to grow their independence they will become more engaged with school, begin to connect with their community, develop positive friendships, and build relationships with mentors.  This is what the Teen Centre strives for!

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Email: executivedirector@bgcwhitecourt.com
Phone: 780-778-6696 

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